Classic Papers

Contact: Nitin Rughoonauth (nitincr [at] gmail [dot] com) and Jeff Murugan (jeff [at] nassp [dot] uct [dot] ac [dot] za).

This journal club provides a weekly semi-formal setting where theoretical physics research articles identified as “seminal” are discussed. The aim is to have members of the ACGC give pedagogically comprehensive presentations primarily for the benefit of graduate students and research staff. We will not follow a one-paper-a-week format, but rather allow as many sessions as deemed necessary to understand all aspects of a paper.


If a paper requires more than a session for discussion, the relevant sessions will be numbered (I, II, etc.) accordingly.
Sessions marked (R) are review talks that cover some of the required background. For these sessions, some previous reading is recommended but not necessary.
Everyone is expected to have read the main paper in advance! This is the best way to come prepared with some insight and questions.