Time: Every Wednesday from 13:00 to 14:00.
Venue: R W James C
Contact: Deanne de Bude (deanne [at] ast [dot] uct [dot] ac [dot] za).
Notes:: Attendance is compulsory for all NASSP honours and masters students.

Datesort icon Time Speaker Title
Tue 17 May 2016 16:15 Zolile Mguda from UCT/UNISA Measuring the masses of supermassive black holes
Tue 10 May 2016 16:15 Prof. Michael Kosch from SANSA Space Science and Astronomy at South Pole
Tue 3 May 2016 16:15 Prof. Patrick Woudt (UCT Astronomy) A tale of two unusual novae
Tue 19 Apr 2016 16:15 Dr. Petri Vaisanen (SAAO) Young massive star clusters and superwinds in strongly star-forming galaxies
Tue 12 Apr 2016 16:15 Dr. Mattia Vaccari (University of the Western Cape) The Universe in Full Colour : Multi-Wavelength Studies of the Cosmic Star Formation History
Tue 22 Mar 2016 16:15 Dr. Nadeem Oozeer from the SKA SA A Galaxy Cluster Quest using Machine Learning Techniques?
Tue 15 Mar 2016 16:00 Assoc. Prof. D.J Pisano (West Virginia University) Mapping Diffuse HI around Galaxies with the Green Bank Telescope
Tue 23 Feb 2016 16:00 Dr. Stefan Lotz from SANSA Building an operational forecast model of induced E-field
Wed 9 Sep 2015 16:00 Dr. Pierre Cilliers from SANSA Space Science – the Polar Perspective
Wed 26 Aug 2015 16:00 Prof. Jarita C. Holbrook Do not do what your mother taught you: How to advance in physics
Wed 5 Aug 2015 16:00 Dr Nathan Deg (UCT Astronomy Dept.) Stellar Streams and the M ilky Way : Modelling and Methodology
Wed 6 May 2015 16:00 Dr Michelle Cluver from UWC Keep Calm and Find a Mentor
Wed 29 Apr 2015 16:00 Dr Gianni Bernardi (SKA SA) The 21cm line as a probe of the early Universe
Wed 22 Apr 2015 16:00 Prof. Mike Kosch from the SANSA Sprites - Gas discharges into Space
Wed 8 Apr 2015 16:00 Dr Jeandrew Brink from the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITHEP) PULSARS Search, Timing, GR Tests.
Wed 25 Mar 2015 16:00 Dr Cynthia Chiang (UKZN) SPIDER: Searching for the Echoes of Inflation
Wed 18 Mar 2015 16:00 Dr Vanessa McBride (UCT Astronomy Department) A multiwavelength look at X-ray binaries
Wed 11 Mar 2015 16:00 Dr. Sarah Blyth (UCT Astronomy Department) Probing Galaxy Evolution with LADUMA on MeerKAT
Wed 4 Mar 2015 16:00 Sergio Colafrancesco Part 1: Astro Particle Physics:...Why bother? Part 2: Research activities at Wits
Wed 25 Feb 2015 16:00 Dr Donald Danskin (Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa, Canada) The General Principles of Space Weather