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Dr Ed Elson

SKA Postdoctoral Fellow

UCT Contact details:

RW James Building (Upper Campus), Room 5.27
phone: +27 21 650 5830 / fax: +27 21 650 4547
ed "at"

B.Sc. - Physics, University of Natal
B.Sc. (Hon) - Astrophysics, University of Cape Town
M.Sc. - Astrophysics, University of Cape Town
PhD - Astrophysics, University of Cape Town

Research Interests: I am mainly interested in multi-wavelength studies of nearby galaxies.
Combining optical, infrared, ultra-violet and radio wave observations of
galaxies in the nearby Universe allows for detailed studies of their composition,
star formation properties, and dynamics.

I am also experienced in generating artifical data sets HI galaxy surveys.
Currently, I'm working towards producing full-size mock observations for some
of the next-generation HI surveys to be carried out on MeerKAT and ASKAP, and
ultimately the SKA.

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