Cape Town International Cosmology School 2012

Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies
Sun, 15/01/2012 (All day) - Sat, 28/01/2012 (All day)



This two-week school aimed at PhD students and postdocs in cosmology will take place during summer in one of the world's most beautiful cities. The school will be interactive and broad, covering all aspects of modern cosmology from theoretical to observational and from statistical to philosophical. Lectures will be supplemented in two key ways with tutorials in the first week and research projects supplied by the lecturers in the second week with support from post-doc tutors. Participants will leave having had a cutting-edge introduction to modern cosmology and developed hands-on research skills and a network of potential future collaborators. We expect some of the research projects to lead to publications. The school will be strictly limited to 50 participants and 8 tutors.

Topics to be covered
Inflation * The Cosmic Microwave Background * Large scale structure * Type Ia supernovae * Baryon Acoustic Oscillations * Bayesian Statistical Inference * Dark matter detection * The Copernican Principle and testing homogeneity * Computational Cosmology * Modified gravity * MultiWavelength observational cosmology * Future large surveys * Philosophical Aspects of Cosmology

Niayesh Afshordi (PI)
Bruce Bassett (AIMS/SAAO/UCT)
Chris Clarkson (UCT)
Sergio Colafrancesco (INAF/Rome)
Paolo Creminelli (ICTP)
George Ellis (UCT)
Andreas Faltenbacher (UWC)
Ariel Goobar (Stockholm)
Alan Heavens (ROE)
Lam Hui (Columbia)
Matt Jarvis (Herts/UWC)
Roy Maartens (UWC/ICG)
Kavi Moodley* (UKZN)
Bob Nichol (ICG)
Ravi Sheth (ICTP/UPenn)
Matias Zaldarriaga (IAS)