Postdoctoral Position in Multi-Wavelength Extragalactic Astronomy

The Department of Astronomy of the University of Cape Town is offering a Postdoctoral Fellow Research position in Extragalactic astronomy based on the construction and utilization of the All-Sky WISE Galaxy Image Atlas and Catalogue. The interested candidate should have prior experience with resolved galaxy photometry and managing (large) data sets.

The successful applicant will work with Prof Tom Jarrett on WISE Extragalactic research, focusing on nearby (local universe) resolved galaxies, joining a growing experimental and theoretical research group that exploits multi-wavelength observations to study large-scale structures, cosmic flows and galaxy evolution. At the core of this fellowship is the WISE survey, which mapped the whole sky at mid-infrared wavelengths, producing an Imaging Atlas and Point Source Catalogue. Resolved sources require special image processing and extraction measurements that are currently underway at UCT.

The successful candidate may spend up to 50% of their time on their own extragalactic research, and are encouraged to become involved in the UCT-led SALT and SKA-MeerKAT surveys, as well as strong collaborations with Australia-led SKA-ASKAP and Netherlands-led Apertif. Astronomy is flourishing in South Africa with SALT in operation, MeerKAT under construction, and the SKA recently awarded (jointly) to South Africa and Australia.

The initial appointment is for two years, with an extension to a third year as a possible option. A PhD in astronomy or related field is required. The salary will be tax-free. Equipment and travel funding is available. Interested candidates should send a CV, bibliography, brief summary of research, outline of future plans, and three letters of recommendation by 15 June 2013 to Ms Carol Marsh (admin [at] ast [dot] uct [dot] ac [dot] za). Applications will be considered from that date until the position is filled. The position is available beginning late July, 2013.

Email Address for Inquiries: Prof. Tom Jarrett, jarrett [at] ast [dot] uct [dot] ac [dot] za