Simulations workshop

NASSP computer lab (Maths building, UCT)
Mon, 19/08/2013 - 13:00
Chris Power

Numerical simulations are well established as a powerful tool in modern astronomical research. I will run a hands-on simulations workshop designed to get participants setting up, running and analysing their own N-body simulations, assuming no prior experience of participants other than familiarity with compiling and running codes in a unix-like environment. My focus will be on (1) cosmological N-body simulations, and (2) model galaxy simulations.

In particular,

* I will explain how N-body simulations work, and get participants running the popular N-body code GADGET2.

* I will discuss how initial conditions for N-body simulations are set up, and I will show participants how to set up ICs for both cosmological simulations and galaxy simulations.

* I will explain how dark matter haloes in cosmological simulations are identified and I will show how halo finders can be applied to the cosmological simulations run during the workshop.

In addition, I will help participants write codes to carry out some basic analysis of simulations (e.g. measurement of mass profiles, kinematics, etc...). By the end of the workshop participants should have the means to carry out their own N-body simulations.