What can radio-telescopes do for cosmology?

UCT, Maths Building, M320
Thu, 20/03/2014 - 13:00 - 14:00
Mario Santos

A new generation of radio telescopes is being developed with high sensitivity and large fields of view, making them exquisite "machines" for cosmology. They will provide all sky surveys will large numbers of radio galaxies both in continuum and in HI as well as large sky intensity maps of the HI signal up to high redshifts. This in turn will allow stringent constraints not only on "standard" cosmological parameters, such as dark energy, but also beyond that, such as primordial non-Gaussianity, modified gravity or other effects on ultra-large scales. I will review the surveys and cosmological probes we can expect from these telescopes, including MeerKAT and SKA1-Mid to be built in South Africa.