Large-scale cosmic structure probes the Standard Model and beyond

Tue, 30/06/2015 - 12:00
Amol Upadhye (University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Over the next decade, cosmological measurements of the large-scale structure of the Universe will be sensitive to the combined effects of massive neutrinos, dark energy evolution, and fifth forces from modified gravity. The redshift-space matter power spectrum is a key repository of this information. I use higher-order perturbative methods for computing the power spectrum to investigate these effects in redshift space on quasi-linear scales. Through comparison with N-body simulations I establish the validity of a Time-Renormalization Group (Time-RG) perturbative treatment that includes dynamical dark energy and massive neutrinos. Then I study the dependence of the power spectrum on the neutrino mass and dark energy parameters. Finally, I discuss ongoing work applying these results to the forecasting and analysis of large-scale structure probes, such as intensity mapping surveys, as well as extending higher-order perturbative calculations to modified gravity models.