ACGC Seminars in 2010

28/01/2010 : Krzysztof Bolejko (UCT) The Metric of the Cosmos from Luminosity and Age Data
11/02/2010 : Per Sundin (Humboldt U) Strong coupling dynamics of string theories in gauge/string dualities
16/02/2010 : Sante Carloni (Uni Aut. Barcelona) An analysis of the phase space of Horava-Lifshitz cosmologies
19/02/2010 : Manu Paranjape (Uni Montreal) Conformal gravity, gravitational waves and conformal symmetry breaking
25/02/2010 : Jeff Murugan (UCT) Emergent spacetime
16/03/2010 : Russell Johnston (UWC) The Complete Universe
30/03/2010 : Marco Regis (UCT) Particle Dark Matter: An Overview
06/04/2010 : Rituparno Goswami (UCT) Collapse and dispersal in massless scalar field models
20/04/2010 : Donald Lynden-Bell (Cambridge) Mach's principle
04/05/2010 : Andreas Faltenbacher (UWC) Universality in cosmology
18/05/2010 : Jonathan Shock (U. Santiago de Comp.) Strings on bubbling geometries
10/06/2010 : Roy Maartens (ICG, Portsmouth) Cosmology as a probe of gravity
27/07/2010 : Viktor Czinner (Hungarian Ac. of Science) Topology changing thick-brane solutions on black hole backgrounds
17/08/2010 : Andrea Prinsloo (UCT/STIAS) Applications of the gauge/gravity correspondence
30/08/2010 : Robert Wald (Univ Chicago) New approach to small scale inhomogeneity in cosmology
31/08/2010 : Martin Bucher (APC, Paris) Searching for Primordial Non-Gaussianity in the CMB
05/10/2010 : Romeel Dave (U. Arizona) From Darkness, Light: Computing Cosmic Reionization
06/10/2010 : Phil Appleton (Caltech) Shocked-driven Molecular line Emission in Collisional and Radio Galaxies...
15/10/2010 : Peter Browne Rønne (Wits) From world-sheet supersymmetry to super target spaces
22/10/2010 : De-Chang Dai (UCT) Electroweak stars; Supernovae and bulk flow
16/11/2010 : George Ellis (UCT) Brain functions via artificial neural networks
25/11/2010 : Kip Thorne (Caltech) Probing Black Holes with Numerical Simulations and Gravitational-Wave Observations
07/12/2010 : Cyril Pitrou (ICG) The non-linear evolution of the cosmic microwave background: non-Gaussianity and spectral distortions