Inhomogeneous Cosmology

Participating Researchers: Chris Clarkson, Charles Hellaby, George Ellis
Current Postdoctoral Fellows: Krzysztof Bolejko, Julien Larena, Mathew Smith
Current PhD students: Sean February
Current Masters Students: Alnadhief Alfedeel

The possible effects of inhomogeneity (small scale and large scale) on cosmological dynamics and observations is a key unresolved issue, as inhomogeneity might seriously affect the interpretation of observations of distant supernovae as implying the existence of dark energy. This project looks both at the effects of averaging and back-reaction on cosmological dynamics and observations, and at ways that large scale inhomogeneity (a violation of the Copernican Principle) can be observationally tested. The effect of inhomogeneity on cosmological observations is also being investigated, specifically to determine the detailed geometry of the cosmos directly from observations, exploring the nature and evolution of structures in cosmology, studying inhomogeneous solutions of Einstein’s field equations and their applications to cosmology. Establishing the degree of cosmic homogeneity/inhomogeneity by analysing the data without the assumption of homogeneity.