String Theory and String Cosmology

Participating Researchers: Jeff Murugan and Amanda Weltman
Current Postdoctoral Fellows: Andrea Prinsloo, Per Sundin
Current PhD students: Asadig Mohammed, Nitin Rughoonauth
Current Masters Students: David de Klerk, Dino Giovannoni, Anuj Misra, Muzikayise Sikhonde

The primary focus of the string theory part of this program is the gauge/gravity correspondence and its consequences and application to various high-energy phenomena. In particular we are studying aspects of the AdS/CFT duality in order to understand the degrees of freedom in superstring and M-theory. Recently, we have also begun systematic investigations into the integrability structure of the theory. The aim of the string cosmology program is to develop a detailed understanding of very early universe phenomena and their imprints on current observations through a systematic study of UV completions of general relativity. In particular we are investigating the cosmological dynamics of the recently proposed Horava-Lifshitz quantum gravity as well as developing an effective field theory of giant graviton physics.