Prof Claude Carignan

Neutral hydrogen, cosmic web and dark matter in nearby galaxies


Neutral hydrogen (HI) is the ideal probe to study dark matter in individual galaxies since it can probe the gravitational potential to larger radii than the stars. The new radio telescopes being built in South Africa (KAT-7, MeerKAT and the SKA) will allow us to detect much fainter HI and hence to get a better handle on the elusive dark matter component and hopefully connect the galaxies to the cosmic web. Already, our group is very active in many projects, which are underway on the precursor KAT-7 telescope and is getting ready for the SKA pathfinder MeerKAT (HI image of the starbust Sculptor Group galaxy NGC 253 observed with KAT-7 –  from Lucero at al. 2015, MNRAS, 450. 3935).

SARChI Postdoctoral fellows:

  • Dr Nathan Deg: Numerical Simulations
  • Dr Hao Chen: MeerKAT HI data

Postgraduate students:

  • Brenda Namumba, PhD: HI Survey of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies (co-supervision with Sean Passmoor, SARAO)
  • Marie Korsaga, PhD: Distribution of Baryonic and Dark Matter in Spiral and Irregular Nearby Galaxies (co-supervision with P. Amram and Benoit Épinat, LAM, Marseille)
  • Amidou Sorgho, PhD: Characterisation of the HI content of the MHONGOOSE galaxy sample with KAT-7
  • Sambatra Rahjohnson: Analysis of MeerKAT MIGHTEE-HI data

Selected recent papers: