UCT/IDIA Visualization Laboratory:
RW James (Astro Dept)

In partnership between UCT Astronomy and the (IDIA), a laboratory for visual analytics has been created to develop and test hardware and software solutions for interactive visualization of large astronomical data sets. Two facilities comprise the laboratory, one is located at the RW James building (UCT upper campus; astronomy department) and the other is the Iziko Planetarium & Digital Dome, located in the heart of Cape Town. This document describes the RW James space, which will contain the Cobra immersive system, the virtual reality test bench and the high-fidelity 8K "wall".

Space Design: the room was refurbished with design elements including: wall space for 8K display 'wall' (consisting of 2x2 4K televisions), open space for the virtual reality experiment (being able to walk around with the headset on), corner room for the Cobra Panorama, ventilation for an air-conditioning unit, removal of windows for extra security, lighting that minimizes reflections and glare, several power points for each main wall, and Gigabit network connections.

Cobra Panorama

Virtual Reality

8K Wall